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DKM Bismarck

For all the heroes who never had a chance too see their lovely homes again.
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The last message from DKM Bismarck: "Kr fuehrer des Deutschen Reiches, Adolf Hitler. Wir kaempfen bis zum letzten im glauben an sie mein fuehrer, und im felsenfesten vertrauen auf Deutschlands sieg. Flottenchef."

V. Admiral Gunther Lutjens
Chief Commander of DKM Bismarck & Prinz Eugen

Captain Ernst Lindemann
Captain & Commander of DKM Bismarck

"The Bismarck had put up a most gallant fight against impossible odds, worthy of the old days of the Imperial German Navy, and she went down with her colours flying." Admiral Sir John Tovey (The Commander of Royal Navy Home Fleet)

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