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Oscar the Bismarck's Cat

Bismarck's mascot, cat Oscar. Pastel portrait by Mrs. Georgina Shaw Baker
The Unbelievable Story of Cat Oscar
The story of the Bismarck's cat 'Oscar' is really interesting and outstanding one. This pretty black cat was the mascot of Bismarck, but interestingly, 'Oscar' never brought any 'luck' for the ships aboard. But, the cat itself was amazingly lucky, that survived many times.

After the final battle of Bismarck, the British destroyer HMS Cossack (the destroyer of Philip Vian) found a black, pretty cat among the floating debris of Bismarck. The sailors rescued the cat and brought it aboard Cossack. But it seems as this pretty cat never brought any luck to the destroyer. About five months later, Cossack was hit and destroyed by a German submarine, and Oscar was again among the survivors.

The cat was then brought aboard the famous aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal, which played a very important role during the chase and destruction of Bismarck. But, only three weeks later, carrier HMS Ark Royal was sunk too, due to a torpedo attack of another German submarine at Gibraltar.

Oscar survived during this adventure again. But after this event, the British sailors never allowed the cat to be a mascot for any other ship again and the lucky cat Oscar began to live in a place called 'The Home for Sailors' at Belfast.

According to the Royal Navy records; Oscar, the Bismarck's cat, finished his days at the Home for Sailors in Belfast in 1955. But, according to some sailors' belief, he is an extraordinary creature with '9 - lives'. Oscar is another saga among some sailors who certainly believe it's outstanding and unbelievable mystery.

The survivor 'Cat Oscar' (thanks to J. von Spee for this picture)

Cat Oscar never brought any luck for these three ships.
HMS Ark Royal, HMS Cossack and DKM Bismarck.
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